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                      Wedge wire curved screen/Sieve bend screen

                      Wedge wire sieve bend screen consists of support rod and wedge wire. The wedge wire and support rod is welded for strength and durability. The shape of the rod is round, triangular or trapezoid. The wire is triangular(V- shaped) wire. With the structure of high open area, our wedge wire screen has accurate slot dimension.

                      Our product is heat resistant, anti-corrosive, safe and reliable. It can be used for filtering different kinds of medium. We can produce curved sieve screen as per customer’s requirements.

                      Product size:
                      Sieve bend screen standard size:585x1592mm or 710x1592mm and can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

                      The wedge wire sieve is a kind of filtered water tubing, which can be used with the deep well pump, submerged pump. It also can be used as the water treatment equipment for water desalination, running water treatment and softening.
                      This sieve bend screen is applied to filtering the acid and alkali liquid, ethyl alcohol and other organic solution in petrochemical industry.

                      Technical Parameters:
                      (Wedge wire) Width(mm): 0.76mm
                      Height(mm): 1.5mm
                      (Support rod) Width(mm): 2mm
                      Height(mm): 3mm
                      Note: Other specifications available as per request.
                      Slot size 0.02,0.05,0.075,0.1,0.15……also achieved upon request
                      Material Stainless steel: 304,304L,316,316L,Duplex 2205,2507,904L,Hastelloy,and etc.

                      GOGO西西高清人体_国产精品嫩草影院_别墅群娇交换杂交_亚洲 欧洲 日韩 综合av