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                      Wedge wire cylindrical screen and flat screens

                      Wedge wire screen is divided into: cylindrical screen and flat screens.

                      The cylinder screen mainly composed of V wire and support rod,each cross point connected in welding,solid structure,good mechanical properties.V-shaped cross-section to avoid clogging,while ensuring the smooth flow of water.Continuous slits have a greater flow areas,while reducing ground water penetration speed,avoiding sand under large pressure into the tube,better filtration properties of sand,the gap may be varied depending on the geological,mainly for and deep well pump,submersible pump supporting the use.

                      Flat screens have good filtration and dehydration in the solid- liquid separation.we can produce for you a different width.length,slit width and wedge wire size according to your requirements and the amount of filtration filter material.Sieve is mainly used to sewage treatment,water purification laundry,poultry,fish,fruit and vegetable waste water treatment industry.


                      Material:Stainless Steel 304、304L、316、316L、904L、2205、2507、hastelloy C276.

                      GOGO西西高清人体_国产精品嫩草影院_别墅群娇交换杂交_亚洲 欧洲 日韩 综合av